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About Sahara Marie

As an American Model influencer based in Portland Oregon & the Columbia River Gorge, it’s a pleasure and an honor for me to represent the community I call home. While I absolutely love my job, I like to think of my self as more than just a model. I'm working hard to be a positive role model to everyone by promoting self love and body positivity, personal creativity, and building a legacy people will remember. Over the course of the last year,I have been carving out a niche for myself on Instagram as a face (and personality) to watch. Using the platform not only as a place to post selfies, but pics and video, I also regularly go live and take the time to engage in conversations with my followers.


Sahara Marie’s success

I have garnered worldwide coverage from several blogs and media publications. I'm known most for the collaborations I do with Dolls Kill clothing company and can be seen on their official website. I have a network circle of over 2.5 million and growing. My face is recognized throughout the fashion and modeling industry.

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