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Meet Sahara Marie

American plus size model committed to self love


About Sahara Marie

As an American Model influencer based in Portland Oregon, it’s a pleasure and an honor for "Sahara Marie" to represent the community she calls home. While she absolutely loves her job, Marie likes to think of herself as more than just a model. She's working hard to be a positive role model to everyone by promoting self love and body positivity, personal creativity, and building a legacy people will remember. Over the course of the last year, Portland, Oregon born and raised emerging American model Sahara Marie has been carving out a niche for herself on Instagram as a face (and personality) to watch. Using the platform not only as a place to post selfies, but pics and video, Marie is also regularly going live and taking the time to engage in conversations with her followers.


Sahara Marie’s success

Marie has garnered worldwide coverage from several blogs and media publications. Sahara Marie is known most for her collaboration with Dolls Kill clothing company and can be seen on their official website. She has a network circle of over 2.5 million and growing. Her face is recognized throughout the fashion and modeling industry.



“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do”